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The Humble Bundle: Black Friday RPG Bonanza​

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Pay what you want starting at $1. ’Tis the season for adventure! Bring an epic haul of myth and magic to your tabletop this holiday with our Black Friday role-playing ebook bundle! Embark on a quest for whatever your friends and family are in the mood for. Don't miss Humble Bundle's newest bundle!

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Included content:

  • 2014 Holiday Module: Trials of the Toy Makers (DCC)
  • 2015 Holiday Module: Advent of the Avalanche Lords (DCC)
  • 2016 Holiday Module: Twilight of the Solstice (DCC)
  • 2017 Holiday Module: New Year's Evil (DCC)
  • 2018 Holiday Module: Home for the Holideath (DCC)
  • 2020 Holiday Module: The Doom That Came to Christmastown (DCC)
  • A Demon's Tale (C&C)
  • A Lion in the Ropes (5E)
  • Beneath the Dome (C&C)
  • Bunnies and Burrows 3rd Edition
  • Bunnies and Burrows Printable Maps and Tokens
  • C1 Mortality of Green (C&C)
  • Classic Monsters (C&C)
  • Demon Cults & Secret Societies (5E)
  • Dragons of Aihrde (5E)
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics Annual (DCC)
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics Judge's Screen (DCC)
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Core Rulebook (DCC)
  • Empire of the Ghouls (5E)
  • Fairy Ring of the Nibble Onion (Bunnies and Burrows)
  • Fifth Edition Foes (5E)
  • Kobold Guide to Monsters (5E)
  • Lankhmar #10: Unholy Nights in Lankhmar (DCC)
  • Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde (C&C)
  • Mystical Companions (5E)
  • Of Gods & Monsters (C&C)
  • Players Handbook (C&C)
  • Rappan Athuk (5E)
  • Rappan Athuk Maps
  • Reaping Bones (5E)
  • Sword of Rami (5E)
  • The Garden Raid (Bunnies and Burrows)
  • The Hanged Man (5E)
  • The Heart of Glass (C&C)
  • Tome of Beasts 1 (5E)
  • Tome of Beasts 2 (5E)
  • Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs (5E)
  • Tome of Blighted Horrors (5E)
  • Tome of Horrors (5E)
  • Underworld Player's Guide (5E)
  • Warlock Bestiary (5E)

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